Chain conveyors

It also transports long, very heavy or bulky loads.

We manufacture different chain conveyors that work great alone or in combination with other types of our products. Most often, we create powerful transport routes with tailor-made control systems. You must have chain conveyors at the ends of special pulleys that minimize gaps on adjacent conveyors.

They help not only in industrial production

Chain conveyors transport goods along transport chains. They have a solid steel frame and are especially suitable for transporting piece objects or board-shaped products - most often europallets with products. One conveyor can have one or more rows of drive chains.

A meter of the chain conveyor has a load capacity of up to 650 kg

Chain conveyors are ideal for moving products of larger dimensions and higher weight. It can easily move heavy pallets, large boxes or bulky material. It can also handle very wide or very long pieces.

You can perform production or other operations directly on them

We most often produce chain conveyors in a horizontal design. Technological, production or other operations can be conveniently performed by workers directly on the conveyor. The transport chain has a high abrasion resistance and only needs to be lubricated to a minimum.

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