Conveyor systems

Do you need an assembly, packaging or other line? We will create it for you, as we have for many of our clients.

The conveyor system ensures optimal transport, handling and assembly of goods

A conveyor system is a set of conveyors and other components that are used to transport goods between workplaces. It consists of various parts. Most often, roller, chain or belt conveyors are built into it. These then complement other equipment - such as transfer trolleys, depalletizers, stoppers, manipulators, various robots, packaging and strapping machines, weighing or sorting systems.

We supply conveyor systems to production, factories and warehouses

We provide conveyor systems with everything from design through production to installation in operation, training and subsequent service. We will meet your needs, take into account the specifics of the space and propose the optimal solution. One that will be more economical for you, more comfortable for your employees and safer for the transported cargo. We adapt conveyors to heavy electric motors and fragile packaging. In addition, they can move them both horizontally and vertically.

You will find specific conveyor systems that we have designed, manufactured and put into operation for our clients in the implemented projects. Are you interested in how we would solve a conveyor line for your workplace? Fill out a non-binding request or write to us at, we will contact you soon.