Who we are

We make it easier for hundreds of companies to handle goods. We produce transport and handling equipment that you can rely on.

We will prepare a tailor-made design of your workplace, provide production, installation and service. Our production program builds on more than 65 years of tradition and helps in many industries - from the automotive sector to mechanical engineering, metallurgy, construction, electrical engineering, logistics and food to the woodworking industry.

Goods travel in Ostrava and Mauritania on our conveyors

Small and large companies cooperate with us - for example Mahle Behr, CS Machine, Ekol, Taurid, Lasselsberger, Adler, Iveco or Saint Gobain. We complement quality materials with the most modern technologies so that the handling of products is fast and accurate. Thanks to this, you can see our conveyors from Frýdek-Místek not only in Czech companies and EU countries, but also in India, the Philippines, Thailand and Korea.

We manufacture roller, belt, vertical and chain conveyors, other handling equipment. We can playfully deal with multi-level transport or the creation of a system for a robotic workplace. Wondering what exactly we've already made? Take a look at our implemented projects or read more about what we specialize in.

70 employees form our team.

500 clients have been cooperating with us for a long time.

We have completed 3,000 projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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Why rely on our solution?

We have 27 years of experience

We combine many years of know-how with the latest knowledge in the field of technology, electrical engineering and control.

We provide everything from A to Z

We will prepare a design including a 3D model. We will manufacture everything, install it in operation and ensure the service.

We will help you save money

With our solution you will save 20 to 90% of costs. You will reduce the amount of technology and manpower required.

We will increase security

We will take into account the legislation and the needs of workers. We will take care of the maximum security of your workplace.

We love challenges

No job is too complicated for us. We are flexible, reliable and happy to meet clients in person.

You have our support non-stop

We will produce spare parts for you even 10 years after the delivery of the solution, and we are on the phone for you 24 hours a day.