Circulating tanks

They get the goods in height and use the space even at the ceiling of the hall.

We produce circulating tanks, so-called paternosters, equipped with transport and storage hinges or roller conveyors. We design them as single-purpose devices that are used for storing cylindrical objects, or we connect them with other conveyors and create complete conveyor systems for companies.

The circulating bins transport the pallets to higher floors and to the adjacent hall

Circulating tanks are storage and transport equipment. With their help, you can easily move goods between the floors of the hall or between entire buildings. The device moves at speeds of up to 4 - 30 m / min. and will serve you well not only for transport, but also as a storage for products.

Paternosters store goods even at a height of 10 meters

Use warehouses to the last centimeter. At heights where you would normally find only supplies of air, material may be stored. For example, 3-ton cylinders hold circulating tanks without any problems. You can store goods of different weights on the support rods connected to the support chains - the dimensions and the specific shape of the circulating tank will be adapted to the size of the goods and the space in which the paternoster will be located. The drive will then be taken care of by an electric brake gearbox with protection according to the location of the operation.

Maximum security, documentation and risk analysis are a matter of course for us

We pay attention to maximum security for each of our devices. We create risk analysis and static calculations for circulating tanks, anchor them to the concrete floor and provide dangerous places with removable covers. Together with the machine, you will also receive from us instructions for its use, electrical documentation and a declaration of conformity.

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