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Roller conveyors

They move boxes, crates or pallets. We supply them with or without a drive.

We produce durable roller conveyors that fit into assembly or packaging lines and are perfectly compatible with other types of conveyors. You can easily create a powerful conveyor system with them.

They fit into a horizontal or slightly inclined line

Roller conveyors form a fixed frame and individual rollers (or rollers). The rollers are made of galvanized steel or stainless steel and can have different diameters and pitches. One conveyor can have several rows of rollers next to each other. The load capacity, material design and dimensions of the rollers depend on the nature of the transported goods. Roller conveyors transport products in a horizontal or slightly inclined direction and can be connected to other equipment.

Reliable transport cardboard boxes, plastic crates and 1.5 ton pallets

You can use roller conveyors when transporting plastic, metal or wooden EUR pallets. It is suitable for handling box-shaped piece products even if you work with goods that have a circular base. However, if you are dealing with the transport of bulk material or smaller goods, belt conveyors will serve you better.

Roller conveyors can be with or without drive

We manufacture driven and non-driven roller conveyors. Powered by a geared motor or a so-called rollerdrive - a motor built directly into the roller. It then spins the individual rollers using toothed belts, round belts, roller chains or a tangential belt. Non-driven conveyors have a similar construction, but are without drive and gears. The goods move on them due to the force of gravity or manual movement.

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