Where the lift did not catch up, the pallet conveyors survived on 1

written: 19.04.2020
We replaced unsuitable elevators with conveyors, which also penetrate the reinforced concrete floor. Learn how we've accelerated the mezzanine transport of pallets.

The elevator did not have enough capacity and required service

Our client used to use an elevator to transport steel pallets for shipment. However, it was unsatisfactory both in terms of the necessary operation and handling, as well as in terms of capacity. Cargo transportation was lengthy and laborious. We came up with a solution, thanks to which the situation at the workplace was completely different in 7 months from the signing of the contract. The installation of the entire delivery, including commissioning at the customer's site, took only a month. The new pallet transport system works significantly faster and saves our clients considerable costs.

Roller conveyors ensure reliable transport of pallets between floors and pass through several walls

During the implementation of the project, we solved everything with the designer of building modifications. We needed to carefully plan the passage through the reinforced concrete floor of the hall and the subsequent passage from the existing hall on the ground floor to the new extension. The result was a 16.5-meter transport route with an elevation gain of 5.2 meters. It transports cargo at a speed of 60 pallets per hour and specifically consists of the following equipment:

  • roller loading conveyor
  • roller conveyor with weight
  • vertical conveyor with roller conveyor
  • roller conveyors connecting
  • roller conveyor on an eccentric turntable
  • unloading roller conveyor

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See what the new pallet transport system looks like.