Transport system for inter-storey transport of pallets II

written: 19.07.2017
The inter-storey pallet transport system is designed for the reversible transport of wooden, plastic and metal pallets from the ground floor to the 1st floor and back. The basic element of transport are roller conveyors. Inter-storey transport is provided by vertical conveyors with placed roller conveyors.

The interface on the transport system consists of loading and unloading points for forklift trucks controlled by operators. Mezzanine transport is fully automatic. The control is provided by the Siemens control system. The great advantage of roller conveyors with densely placed rollers is the versatility in the transport of various pallets from wooden euro pallets through half euro pallets to metal stackable pallets with bowl legs.

Equipment used:

  • straight driven roller conveyors,
  • vertical roller conveyors.

Load capacity (kg / m): 1000

Capacity (pallets / hour): 60

Working environment: in the hall environment

Handling unit

Pallets 1200 x 800 mm

automatic mode: yes