Transport order picking system

written: 19.07.2017
The transport system for picking orders is designed for picking orders that are accepted for processing according to individual customers.

The backbone device of the transport system is a closed roller conveyor in the shape of an ellipse, to which, through dividers, connected roller conveyors, feed conveyor of empty crates, branches to loading places and last but not least also output conveyor for repacking picked consignment into the appropriate cardboard box expedition for strapping and weighing.

The handling unit is a plastic transport box with a reinforced bottom, in which the RFID code is stored, which is assigned to each box. Within the communication of the Siemens control system with the superior warehouse system, another crate route is determined at crucial points. If the crate is completely picked up, it is removed from the ellipse and directed to the workplace for repackaging the shipment in a cardboard box.

Equipment used:

  • straight driven roller conveyors,
  • non-driven roller conveyors - push-in,
  • sorters,
  • driven roller bends,
  • cross roller-tape transitions,
  • belt conveyors.

Load capacity (kg/m): 35

Capacity (boxes / min): 300

Working environment: in the hall environment

Handling unit: 400 x 600 x 550 mm

Plastic crate

Automatic mode: yes