Roller belt for the assembly line of electric motors

written: 19.07.2017
4 assembly lines for assembling electric motors. Each of the lines has a different length and all are terminated by a test site to verify the correctness of the assembly.

The lines enable the gradual assembly of electric motors. Operators work at an ergonomic height. By building assembly lines into one line, a significant share of handling of electric motors between individual separate assembly workplaces with tables was eliminated. The assembly lines work in semi-automatic operation on the basis of confirmation buttons. The operation of each line is controlled by the Siemens control system. The assembly line consists of two-level roller conveyors, with the upper branch of the assembly line transporting full washers with assembling motors and the lower branch of the roller conveyor returning empty washers to the beginning of the assembly line.

Equipment used:

  • roller conveyors with lower return branch,
  • roller conveyors on a lift,
  • lifting protective cover,
  • aluminum shelf system,
  • accessories (fencing, information boards, compressed air distribution, etc.).