New sorting line helped double the capacity of the transshipment facility

written: 21.09.2022
Shipments travel here at speeds of over 13 km/h and overcome a 7 m height difference. Read about our line that automatically sorts everything from letters to large parcels.

Thanks to a new sorting line and modern technologies, the logistics centre can process up to 100,000 parcels per shift

Our latest addition in the field of sorting lines is an order for a logistics park. Their superhub in Ostředek is one of the most modern and efficient transshipment facilities in the Czech Republic. It has a capacity of up to 12,000 shipments per hour. Thanks to our solution with automatic sorting of consignments, they now process parcels and mail without problems at the facility near the D1 motorway exit.

A small postcard or a big package? The semi-automatic sorting line can handle both

During the night, the vast majority of shipments are transported to the logistics centre near Ostředek. They are sorted here and taken to the depots in the morning, from where they are then distributed to their recipients. We have added a semi-automatic line for non-standard shipments to the new hall, which is over 8,500 m2 in size. Thanks to this, the company can also sort atypical shipments of irregular shapes weighing between 0.5 and 50 kg, ranging in length from 20 cm to 1.4 m. They can reliably sort everything from envelopes to tyres.

In the new palletless operation, where each individual shipment travels on its own, the need for manual sorting at each of the 14 regional depots has been eliminated. This has made the whole process faster, simpler, more automated and reduced the potential for errors.

Each shipment travels 200 to 400 metres

The conveyor system has a total of nearly 250 metres of conveyors and can handle up to 40,000 shipments per shift. The semi-automatic sorting line consists of LineShaft roller conveyors, LineShaft roller curves, belt conveyors, 24V roller conveyors and gravity (non-driven) roller conveyors. We have also used a special type of LineShaft roller conveyor with inclined roller placement with a function called "pack positioning", where the shipments are guided to a certain side of the transport.

The LineShaft conveyor drives the shaft under the rollers. These conveyors are suitable for lightweight applications up to 50 kg, such as cardboard boxes and crates. Their advantages are quiet operation, easy installation, low maintenance and low cost. This makes them ideal not only for sorting centres. There is a series of pulleys on the shaft - one pulley for each roller. A flexible polyurethane O-ring then runs from the pulley on the driven shaft to each roller.

The new sorting line is also extremely safe

The conveyors are very secure because the elastic O-rings can stretch. If someone gets caught underneath them, they won't get hurt. In addition, the pulleys slip and the rollers stop if clothing, hands or hair get caught in them.

The conveyor system also has bollards with safety buttons and service steps over the conveyors.This makes it easy for the operator to get to safety or to another workstation in the event of a problem.

The customer's company is planning significant growth.The very existence of the superhub has already doubled their transport capacity, and they expect to increase it fivefold in the future. The new sorting line is therefore modular. It allows for easy expansion with additional conveyor sections.

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