Faster production and extra space. The overhead track has been replaced by a line with lifting bridges

written: 29.11.2022
600 drawings, 58 types of conveyors, 1 unique solution. Read what we did to replace the inefficient overhead track and why we also developed a completely new conveyor for a client.

The original overhead track was slowing down production

There are many advantages to the suspended track. In one of our projects, for example, it enables the automation of production processes. But it also has its pitfalls. And that's exactly what the manufacturer of the machine drives was referring to. For example, the processing of different types of products was problematic. It slowed down production unnecessarily. We have therefore developed a new conveyor system that takes into account the variety of materials. We connected it to many existing facilities, while cleverly avoiding the constraints of the current building stock.

The new solution has sped up transportation. In addition, the line can grow with the company

The overhead track was replaced by a conveyor system with lifting roller conveyors and ball tables. The new design is flexible and allows for various modifications in the future. A lot of space has been freed up in the hall, the production process has been optimised and the material flow has been accelerated.

The new line connects to some existing workplaces or even creates new workplaces. In addition, the roller conveyors have solved the problem where "slower" products were holding up other, less production-intensive products. In fact, the roller conveyors with ball tables can divert the conveyed material at any time. Products that require more care do not slow down the process.

740 rollers, 1600 ball units and lifting bridges that allow workers to pass directly through the line

The line runs across the entire production hall, so we incorporated folding roller conveyors, which we also call lifting bridges. They allow workers to walk directly through the conveyor without having to walk around the entire line. The line itself contains a lot of roller conveyors, driven and non-driven, curves, bridge stoppers, ball tables, trolleys with roller conveyors or ball tables. Ball tables make changing direction or rotation with the product very easy.

We have also developed an endless double deck conveyor specifically for the client

The entire solution was tailor-made and some of the conveyors had to be redesigned. One of them, for example, was an endless double-decker conveyor. A straight roller conveyor on the top deck of which the operator assembles the product. The product is mounted on a special pad with the possibility of rotation or locking and is gradually adjusted as it travels along the conveyor. At the end, the product is removed from the pad and the pad automatically descends to the lower deck and back to the infeed, where it rises to the top to accommodate the new part. In this way, the pads go around by themselves without the need for strenuous lifting or major build-up in the case of a single deck oval.

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