Assembly line for assembling stairs and drives of door systems

written: 19.07.2017
The project comprehensively solved the completion of individual nodes of stairs and door systems so that all ergonomic requirements were met when handling operators.

The main part of the project included the delivery of two conveyor lines consisting of chain conveyors in lengths of 35 m and 15 m, including adjustable trolleys placed on conveyors with the ability to adjust the length of transported products and rotate them 180 degrees for better accessibility to assembly workers.

The project also included:

Delivery of adapters for individual types of products, which are used to easily attach them to carts. The main emphasis here was on the strength, simplicity and low weight of all adapters.

Solutions for supplying the line with material and equipment for assembly workplaces. We supplied a lightweight aluminum construction with roller conveyors, chutes for the supply of fasteners and telescopic drawers for tool placement.