7 projects we currently support

written: 14.06.2020
We sponsor the purchase of social cars, we help seniors and the disabled. Read which charitable projects we are currently supporting.

Audrey Hepburn reportedly said that as an adult we would find out that we had two hands. One to help ourselves and the other to help the world. We do not dare to solve world problems yet, but we believe that we can bring a lot of good locally. We put a helping hand to the work, for example, in the following companies. We support seven projects in a new or long-term manner.

1. We buy social cars

Moving safely from point A to point B - which is a matter of course for us, is an unrivaled luxury for many. Therefore, we are very pleased to cooperate with KOMPAKT spol. s r.o. and AB HELP Line z.s. Thanks to them, we helped finance the renewal of the vehicle fleet in facilities that help people with health, mental or other disabilities, and to acquire:

  • 2020 - social car for Children's Home bl. Marie Antonína Kratochvílová Řepiště
  • 2019 - social car for the Černá voda Children's Home and a social car for KAFIRA Frýdek-Místek
  • 2018 - social car for the Line of Joy z.s. Frýdek-Místek
  • 2017 - social car for elementary school and kindergarten Naděje Frýdek-Místek

2. We participate in the activities of the Red Cross

For the fifth time, we also participated in the projects of the Czech Red Cross. We co-finance the publication of publications for kindergarten and primary school children, such as "First aid is not a science", "Péťa needs help" or "On a trip in nature - autumn".

3. We care for the elderly and disabled

Assistance and emergency care Angel on the wire improves the quality of life of single seniors and the disabled. They ensure a dignified life in the home environment for hundreds of people from all over the country. With our contribution, smart watches were purchased for their clients, which recognize an emergency situation and, if necessary, quickly call for help.

4. We support local sports

Since 2017, we have been supporting s.r.o. through the SKP Agency. also a local handball club. At the same time, Frýdek-Místek handball players are not amateurs. The Frýdek-Místek Police Sports Club (SKP) has been in the Czech highest competition for 24 years. Thank you for going to every extra league year to the fullest!

5. We support the activities of the Safety Line

Whether they are solving problems at school, in the family, with friends or with love, they can always turn to her. The safety line helps 500 children a day. 24 hours a day by phone, e-mail or chat. Experienced consultants help young people to solve difficult life situations and everyday worries.

6. We equip a mobile hospice in Nový Jičín

Our contribution helped to purchase an oxygen concentrator for the Tree of Life mobile hospice. This facility in Novojičín helps terminally ill people and their families. He tries to relieve them of the pain in the home environment so that they can stay in the circle of their loved ones for as long as possible.

7. We contribute to the Handicap Center

Handicap center The School of Life is one of the companies we have been supporting for several years. Their day hospital is here for people with mental disabilities and combined disabilities, which helps them to become more independent. As a result, they can cope in everyday life situations, can use various institutions and remain part of the local community.

Do you have a tip for another regional project that we should focus on? Write us.