100 million turnover and a woman in the lead. They wrote about us on Peak.cz

written: 23.06.2020
On April 1, 1993, we became the co-owners of a part of the former textile factory. But the start of our business was not an April. What happened next? Find out at Peak.cz.

Ups and downs. The Frýdek-Místek company achieved fame only after years of hard work

"We didn't buy the first computer for the company until around 1995, so that we soon found out that we needed a program for it." Read about our beginnings, first problems and successes. About how we were fed mainly by small locksmith work, when the company's cash flow saved the private savings of employees and how we worked our way to deliver conveyors to India, South America or the Philippines.

The whole course and formation of our company into the form you know today is discussed in an article in the economic online magazine Peak.cz.